Lymphatic Forum 2021

Please Add These Slides to Your Presentation

This is a powerpoint file with an opening and closing slide. Once you download it, you can copy and paste these slides directly into your presentation. Please complete the intro slide by adding your name, affiliation and presentation title. If you are recording your video in advance, please let the opening slide show for about 5 seconds at the beginning of your recording. Download the file here:

Opening & Closing Slides 


Steve Palmer, LE&RN's Media Director, will be in charge of all technical aspects of your presentation and the Zoom conference. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


If you are recording your presentation in advance:

Please have your presentation in Slide Show view before hitting "Record"

Here are instructions for recording directly in PowerPoint

Recording from PowerPoint and including your Webcam - this method embeds your webcam recording into your slides.
(if you use this method, you may have to go back through your slide and adjust the position of your image so as not to block content or when designing your slides, include a box where your webcam image will be placed)
Tip - do not speak over the slide transition, it may cut out a syllable or two.  

How to record using Zoom

To submit your video: Include your last name and session number in your video title, and upload using this link.
Click here to upload your presentation


If you are presenting live:

  • Live speakers will get two separate Zoom links for the conference. One for attending the conference, and one for presenting. There is nothing you need to do to get either of these links, they will be automatically emailed to you. The "panelist" link will have a high level of access, so please don't use this when watching other presentations. Your "panelist" link will be emailed with the title, "Panelist for the Lymphatic Forum 2021," and should arrive at least a week in advance. Don't hesitate to reach out if you can't find yours.
  • Most of you are familiar with Zoom, however, if you would like to schedule a test session with me, feel free to send me an email.
  • Also, we would like you to login to Zoom at least 30 minutes before your scheduled presentation time.
  • Presentation tips and basic Zoom controls

     Download PDF